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BSG is a full service building operations and optimization service provider with in-house design, analysis, project management, maintenance, repair and diagnostic services to optimize operational effectiveness and minimize costs in commercial buildings and their related systems.

The traditional method of maintenance and repair in commercial buildings focuses on discrete devices and sub systems through individual contractors.  This method of building management is reactionary, costly and typically ineffective in solving system based problems.   Modern buildings are complex environments that are most effectively managed when they can be analyzed and supported as a whole.   Effective operation of a modern buildings must consider many systems including;  security, access control, heating and cooling devices, ventilation systems, lighting , electrical distribution monitoring and control, building management and control systems, as well as occupancy comfort and safety consideration.   Without such a holistic approach optimization of building operation, energy efficiency and comfort cannot be achieved.  

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A single source solution for facility optimization

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Competent timely service and 100% customer satifaction 

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Design, Analysis, Facility Optimization, Controls, Building Operations, Repair and Maintenance

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